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Where'd You Get Those? 10th Anniversary Edition Book By Bobbito Garcia


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Where'd You Get Those?
New York City's Sneaker Culture: 1960-1987
10th Anniversary Edition
by Bobbito Garcia

278 pages
English text

Contents: Introduction to the Tenth Anniversary Edition, Can it be that it was all so simple then?: The Evolution of the New York Sneaker Connoisseur, The Pound, WYGT?: Getting Around, The '60s: Ragtime, '70 - '74, '75 - '78, '79 - '83, '84 - '87, The End of an Era, Fresh dipped, Arts & Crafts, Holy Wars, The Toothbrush, On Ice, A hunting we will go, "What size are those?", Skippies and Rejects, Thou Shalt Not, Post 1987 slept on butters, NYC Ball Legends, Top Ten Lists, Chronological Customizations, Afterword, Acknowledgments, Company roster, Photo Credits, About the Autor...

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