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The Good Will Out x Diadora V7000 Caligula 'The Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire' (off-white / pink)

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Product details

  • The Good Will Out x Diadora collaboration
  • 'The Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire Pack'
  • Picasso goat leather and 54“ linen upper
  • Golden cracked patent leather
  • The Good Will Out and Diadora stiched logos on tongue
  • Ponyhair heel with Caligula coin branding
  • V7000 written in Latin numerals branding on side panel
  • Insole features a print of the Incitatus horse hair and a famous Caligula quote saying: „Let them hate us so long as they fear us“.
  • Comes with four pairs of laces all
  • White special shoebox with golden logo prints
  • Made in Italy
  • 501.171220 20012
  • antique white
ABOUT Caligula
Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus known as Caligula, was a Roman Emperor from AD 37 - 41. During his stay on the German frontier, he was between two and four years old, when he wears a miniature versions of military sandals called caligae. The soldiers liked to call him Caligula, which means little boot. This nickname remained him for the rest of his life. In 37 AD at the age of 25 he became the third Emperor of Rome. Due to his hairy body, he was sacrifice of jokes. To defend himself, he started to declare he was a god. He began to appear dressed as various gods and demigods such like Hercules, Mercury, Venus and Apollo in public. As Caligula’s actions became more outrageous, the people of Rome began to hate him and on January 24th, 41 AD, a group of guards stabbed him more than 30 times after a sporting event.

DESIGN V7000 Caligula
The design of the V7000 Caligula uses various shades of off-white inspired by a toga, a distinctive garment of Ancient Rome which was a roughly semicircular cloth. It is between 12 and 20 feet in length, draped over the shoulders and around the body. The toe box of the V7000 is made of linen in style of that toga fabric. Another material used on the Diadora Quarter stripe is a golden cracked patent leather. Its inspiration comes from the opulence and wealth of that era. The heel of the V7000 Caligula is made of pony hair in reference to Caligula’s horse Incitatus which he worshipped with a stable of marble, an ivory manger, purple blankets and a collar of precious stones. He even wanted to appoint him as a Senator. The heel part also features a Caligula coin burned in with a branding iron as well as the Diadora model number V7000 written in Latin numerals. The insole features a print of the Incitatus horse hair and a famous Caligula quote saying: „Let them hate us so long as they fear us“. A Caligula coin hang tag rounds it up. The V7000 Caligula comes with four pairs of laces all packed in a white special shoebox with golden logo prints.

The color pink builds a bridge between the pack and emperors. Pink accents are used on the tongue, heel and outsole of the Caligula and on the Diadora form stripe of Nerone as well as in form of speckles on the midsole. It is meant as a reference to the Toga Picta, the highest status toga. The most associated color with Roman Emperor clothing would normally be the color purple. Only a Roman Emperor was allowed to wear the Trabea which was a toga entirely colored in purple and worn on ceremonial occasions. We felt that the color pink, which is part of the magenta color family as well as purple, suits best to the lunacy of both emperors inherited.

Both shoes are „Made in Italy“. Together with Diadora we chose only the best materials for both models: goat leather, kangaroo nappa leather, picasso goat leather and 54“ linen. One of the 4 laces of each shoe features a golden metal tip with the TGWO script logo.

Diadora V7000
Light and flexible, with only 290 grams of weight, originally designed for medium-distance races and fast trainings, it had a streamlined shape that set it apart from other models of the times. Its tapered shape makes it different from its contemporaries and the sinuous, stylized lines of the design on the upper emphasize its lightness.

All infos here: The Good Will Out x Diadora 'Rise & Fall' Caligula
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