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The Good Will Out x Diadora S8000 Nerone 'The Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire' (red / pink / white)

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Product details

  • The Good Will Out x Diadora collaboration
  • 'The Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire Pack'
  • Goat leather and kangaroo nappa leather upper
  • Red cracked patent leather on heel top
  • TGWO script logo debossed on tongue
  • Debossed Nero coin on heel
  • S8000 stiched in Latin numerals on the side
  • The insole shows a print of glowing embers and a famous Nero quote saying: „Let it be wonderful or let it be awful as long as it is uncommon.“
  • Comes with four pairs of laces all
  • Special black shoebox with red logo prints
  • Made in Italy
  • 501.171219 55110
  • deco' rose
ABOUT Nerone
Nerō Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus known as Nerone was a Roman Emperor from AD 54 - 68. He was the son of Julia Agrippina acquainted as Agrippina the Younger. She was born at a Roman outpost on the Rhine River. Later Nero founded a Roman colony in this area and called it Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensis after his mother, today known as Cologne. He was one of the most notorious emperors of Rome. His reign is reminded as tyrannical for executing anyone who didn’t agree with him, including his mother. At 68 AD Nero committed suicide with the help of one of his aides.

DESIGN S8000 Nerone
The design of the S8000 Nerone uses various shades of red inspired by the myth that Nero sent out partisan to set the city Rome on fire, while he played his lyre and sang from a private stage. The top heel part is made of cracked patent leather pointing to the color of the glowing embers after a fire. Both tongues feature a debossed TGWO script logo. The Diadora model number S8000 is featured in red Latin numerals on the side. The heel part shows a debossed Nero coin design. The insole shows a print of glowing embers and a famous Nero quote saying: „Let it be wonderful or let it be awful as long as it is uncommon.“ To be honest - it is a quote from Nero portraied by Peter Ustinov in the 1951 movie Quo Vadis. TGWO loves movies, by the way there is also a Caligula movie. You should be at least at the age of 18 to watch the movie. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. It has the tagline „The most controversial film of the 20th century“ is now the most controversial film of the 21st century. Almost 40 years after it‘s release it is still listed on the „Index“ (list of censored media and publications) by the Federal Review Board for Publications Harmful to Young Persons. But we digress and this is a press information about sneakers not a movie talk, so: a Nero coin hang tag rounds up the design. The S8000 Nerone also comes with four pairs of laces in a special black shoebox with red logo prints.

The color pink builds a bridge between the pack and emperors. Pink accents are used on the tongue, heel and outsole of the Caligula and on the Diadora form stripe of Nerone as well as in form of speckles on the midsole. It is meant as a reference to the Toga Picta, the highest status toga. The most associated color with Roman Emperor clothing would normally be the color purple. Only a Roman Emperor was allowed to wear the Trabea which was a toga entirely colored in purple and worn on ceremonial occasions. We felt that the color pink, which is part of the magenta color family as well as purple, suits best to the lunacy of both emperors inherited.

Both shoes are „Made in Italy“. Together with Diadora we chose only the best materials for both models: goat leather, kangaroo nappa leather, picasso goat leather and 54“ linen. One of the 4 laces of each shoe features a golden metal tip with the TGWO script logo.

Diadora S8000
The S8000 is an original model of the 1990 running catalogue, designed for athletes with stability problems. S, in fact means stable. The sole is made of two materials: foam rubber and Hypalon HP compact rubber in the heel area. The upper is made of combined-material upper in perforated breathable nylon, and the front and rear reinforced bands wrap the foot whilst enhancing the fit.

All infos here: The Good Will Out x Diadora 'Rise & Fall' Nerone
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