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Sneaker Freaker x Mr. Black Shoe Kit


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Mr. Black have teamed with Sneaker Freaker to produce this limited edition shoe cleaning kit. Packaged in a red pleather box it contains Mr. Black Shoe Cleaner, Mr. Black Shoe Refresh plus a handy brush for application. Also supplied is a custom copy of Sneaker Freaker Issue 29.

- Sneaker Freaker x Mr. Black collaboration
- Limited Edition
- Red pleather box
- Mr. Black Shoe Cleaner (4.22 oz. / 125 ml)
- Mr. Black Shoe Refresh (4.22 oz. / 125 ml)
- Handy brush
- Custom copy of Sneaker Freaker issue 29 (only way you can get this LE cover of Sneaker Freaker 29!)

Mr. Black shoe cleaner:
A powerful, yet natural plant derived solution that quickly dissolves grime and dirt, and removes scuffmarks from shoes. MR. BLACK SHOE CLEANER rejuvenates shoes to bring them back to premium condition.

- Anti-bacterial
- Biodegradable solution
- Plant derived ingredients ensures gentle on shoes
- Removes scruff marks from shoes
- Brings shoes back to like new condition
- 4.22 oz. / 125 ml

Mr. Black shoe refresh:
A double strength formulated spray to attack and kill bacteria causing odors in footwear. With added Eucalyptus oil, MR. BLACK SHOE REFRESH does not just mask, it neutralizes and eradicates odors to prevent them from returning.

- Antibacterial
- Kills smelly shoe odours
- Biodegradable solution
- Keeps shoes fresh
- 4.22 oz. / 125 ml

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