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Lodown Magazine Issue 85

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Lodown Magazine
Zeitschrift für Populärkultur und Bewegungskunst
162 pages
English text


CRAIG STECYK III is one of the originators of what we know as street art today, and he actually is busier than ever // ILL-STUDIO is without a doubt one of the leading creative offices in Europe  // PATRICK EVERAERT founded Design Addict on the late 90s; now he makes us feel uneasy with surreal imagery  // GABI TRINKAUS opened her sketchbook full of mind-blowing and insanely detailed collages for us …


DAN WOLFE still is the master of capturing skateboarding on film  // the legend TOMMY GUERRERO hooked up for a chat // CHERYL DUNN belongs to the first wave of street-photographers; now she presents her first doc by the name of “Everybody Street“  // PATRICK SEABASE is an outstanding enthusiast of (extreme) cycling that loves some good ol’ EBM …


WOODKID talks to us about epic videos and why sometimes more is more // BLUE HAWAII are Grimes’ labelmates and delivered one of the albums of the year already  // NATURAL SELF left beats and rap behind in order to surprise us with a brandnew presentation of electronic soul...

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