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adidas B25325

adidas Consortium x Bodega ZX Flux Odyssey (black/yellow/orange)


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Color: black/orange-red-yellow

The ZX Flux BDGA exudes an aura of calmness which can be attributed to its inconspicuous aesthetic. A plausible implication as the color-scheme is influenced by the ambience of Stanley Kubrick's cinematic masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey”. In addition to the slow-paced story-line and classical music, a warm palette of reds, yellows, and oranges combined with the deep black of outer space conveys a relaxing atmosphere. Bodega have transferred this aesthetic onto their upcoming ZX Flux which is a great rendition of the iconic art direction in the movie and promotional artwork.

- adidas x Bodega collaboration
- Space Odyssey
- Inspired by the ambience of Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey” the shoe couples a warm palette of yellows, reds and oranges with a deep black reminiscent of the all encompassing void of outer space.
- Densely woven nylon woven nylon upper
- Asymmetrical panel with strands of reflective yarn covering the full toebox and parts of both sides
- Suede tongue and heel
- Leather lining
- Branding in the form of Bodega's signet on the tongue and heel labels
- Speckled outsole back panel
- Laces with Bodega-branded tips
- Four extra laces (2x red/2x off white)

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